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How to Live in a Tiny House with a Baby: A Quick Guide

How to Live in a Tiny House with a Baby: A Quick Guide

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Living with a baby in a tiny house is fun as long as you perfectly know what to do.

Living in a tiny house with a baby has its own set of benefits and challenges. Besides, the tiny house community does not talk that much about raising a baby in such limited space. 

Living in a tiny house with a baby can help you save money on housing and utilities. On the other hand, babies can be so chaotic. So, is living in a tiny house with babies better or not? How will you live in a tiny house with your kids?


Living in a tiny house means that your space is limited. Specifically, you are living in a space that is not more than 500 square feet. How will you make the most out of this little space?

1. Get a Huge Sink

With all the mess that babies make, a huge sink is definitely a must. A huge sink will make it easier for you to wash all the stuff that babies mess with. 

And, there is a high chance that you’ll get piled up with a lot of dishes while taking good care of a baby. You will definitely need a big sink since having a dishwasher is a tiny house that is not ideal. 

2. Get a Queen-Sized Bed

Co-sleeping with your baby works best when living in a tiny house, at least for now. Having a big bed means that you will not have other things in your room. But definitely, having one is worth it. 

Having a queen-sized bed, most especially when co-sleeping with your baby is very beneficial if you want to have a good sleep. Sure enough, you don’t want to sleep in a limited space where you can barely move around. Plus, your babies take a lot of space when sleeping. 

3. Have Lots of Windows

Having lots of windows saves you from paying too much electricity. It also makes your space appear bigger. The more natural light that gets in your window, the cozier your tiny house will feel. 

With lots of windows, your baby can play around without the need for LED lights. It is also a healthier choice since fresh air freely moves around. 

Mobile tiny house, great for outdoor experiences and holidays.
Given how active babies are, living with a baby in a tiny house can be very hard.

4. Make Safe Storages 

Since you are living with a baby, it is very important that you keep anything that can harm them in safe storage. You can’t look after your baby all the time thus, doing so will make you feel confident that they are still safe even when you are doing something. 

But this does not mean that you can just leave your baby alone. When doing something, make sure that you still look after him from time to time to make sure that he is safe even when you have put out anything dangerous out of his reach already. 

5. Have a Full Closet

Having a full closet is a must so that you won’t need an individual closet for all of you. Babies have a lot of stuff which means that you’ll need a big space to store them. Ideally, your closet should have an extra storage feature where you can out other stuff that is occasionally used. 

When you have a full closet, you can store the toys of your baby in there too to save up space. So, you are hitting two birds with the same stone here.

6. Get a Railing

The safety of your baby is very important which makes railings a must in your stairs and lofts. Most babies are wild climbers and with just one wrong move, their life is at risk. Aside from installing railing, you must also put railing cover for added protection.

Putting railing in your stairs and lofts help you keep your baby safe by stopping them from falling off. They can also hold into it and serve as their guide in case they are going up and down the stairs. 

7. Put an Engineered Hardwood Flooring in the Bathroom

When taking a bath, babies can get messy and get everything wet. They drip and splash a lot into almost everything. 

With this, using a regular hardwood in the bathroom is not ideal since they can easily float and peel in places. So, you will end up spending more on getting it fixed or changed. 

It is better that you invest in something that is water-resistant. This may be a little more expensive but is a better investment in the long run.


Mobile tiny house, great for outdoor experiences and holidays.
Living in a tiny house with a baby is beautiful yet challenging at the same time.

Ideally, you should only have minimal stuff when living in a tiny house most especially when you have a baby around. You should practice minimalism instead. 

If you think your baby needs a lot of stuff, then you are wrong. They have a lot of stuff but not as much as you think. Besides, giving them the stuff won’t really make them happy, you love and attention will. So, how will you organize the stuff you have in your tiny house when leaving with a baby?

1. One thing in, one thing out. 

In as much as possible, practice the one thing in, one thing out mantra. This means that you can only get one new thing inside your tiny house when you are removing something out of it. For example, you are buying a new shirt, what will you throw out?

This will help you keep your stuff minimal and clutter-free. Also, this is a big help for you to get what you really need only. This way, your tiny house will not look overcrowded which is the last thing you want to happen when you have kids around. 

2. Do the 21 Things Challenge

The 21 Things Challenge is all about finding and removing 21 things in your house that you do not really need. Doing so will help you organize your stuff and be a minimalist as well. This way, your house will be clutter-free and your baby could have more space to play around. 

You can also do this challenge with your baby as a bonding moment. At the same time, he will learn the value of keeping this simple and minimal. 

3. Use the Compact Versions of Everything 

If you already have tried living in a tiny house before, then by now, you already know that buying the compact versions of everything is very important. Besides, you should also buy the compact versions of baby products. You may not know it, but a lot of baby products have a smaller version for houses with smaller sizes. 

Some of the compact baby products that you can buy include mini cribs and a collapsible bathtub. Obviously, the mini crib is smaller but it still functions almost the same as a regular-sized crib. 

4. Buy Items as You Need Them

You are not in a competition of buying stuff for your baby. The stocks won’t even run out. So, relax.

You might be tempted to buy everything you see, but think of it again. Do you or your baby need it at the moment? If not, then don’t buy it just yet. 

Buying items that are not yet needed at the moment will just make your tiny house crowded. This also lessens the space for your baby. So, just buy things as you need them. 

For example, you won’t need a walker until your baby is ready to use it. So, what’s the sense of buying it even before giving birth, right? Buying this as needed will not just help you save space but it also helps you save money. 

What if your baby won’t like it anyway? Then, you just wasted your money on it. 

5. Create a Baby-Proof Space

You don’t actually have to baby-proof your entire tiny house. You can just dedicate a small space to a baby proud. That space should be the one where your baby stays the most. 

Baby proofing a certain space will help you keep your baby safe. You may have a very small space is very important since you do not know what might happen next given how active babies are.


Living with a baby in a tiny house is very challenging. The limited space that you have is very challenging. It makes it hard for your baby to play around. 

Thankfully, you can make the little space that you have more than enough for you and your baby. You just have to work on maximizing the space that you have while considering your baby at the same time. 

Related Questions 

Is it okay to raise a baby in a tiny house?

Yes, it is definitely okay to live with a baby in a tiny house. It might be challenging but once you have learned the ins and outs of it, you will definitely enjoy living in a tiny house with your baby. 

How many babies can I have with me in a tiny house?

Ideally, you should only have 1-2 babies with you in a tiny house. Your tiny house is designed for a specific number of people only. And having a lot of kids can make the space even more limited not just for you