The Top Hacks in Maximizing the Space in Your Tiny House

The Top Hacks in Maximizing the Space in Your Tiny House

Mobile tiny house. Great for outdoor experiences and wildlife.  Lots of mobility and pure adventure.
Tiny houses offer a limited space which can be very challenging to deal with.

So, you are living in a mini house – a structure that is not more than 500 square feet. This means that you have very little space to work with. How will you organize your life with the limited space that you have?

It sounds impossible but definitely, you can do something to stay organized with the little space you call your own. Who says you need a full-sized house anyway? 

Tips and Tricks in Maximizing the Space in a Tiny House

Here are some of the things that you can do to maximize the space in your tiny house:

1. Keep Your Storage Areas Open

One little secret to make your kitchen appear larger than its original size is to keep your storage areas open. There’s nothing complicated here. Simply unscrew your cabinet doors. 

Doing so draws the focus upwards, directing it to your dishwares and kitchenwares. Keeping your storage areas open gives the room the impression that there is still enough room even when in reality, there’s none. Also, the color of your dishware will add a pop of color to your tiny house. This makes the room look wider too. 

2. Use Room Dividers Instead of Walls

Walls break the already small space that you have thus, your tiny house will ever look smaller. Try using room dividers instead. 

Room dividers work as well as having walls to divide your space. It still gives off the traditional house feeling without taking up too much space. It also eliminates the need to cut off the little space that you have which makes the room appear crowded. 

If you do not want room dividers, give curtains or glass panels a try. 

3. Install Retractable Pantry Drawers

Don’t have enough space to put all your kitchenware? No worries! Retractable drawers are the solution to your lack of counter space problem. 

Retractable drawers are a good choice in storing small appliances or cutleries. With these crafty and hidden storage drawers, keeping your things out has never been easier and convenient. 

4. Try Under Stair Storage 

With the little space that you have, it is very important that you maximize all the available spaces. And, this includes the space under the stairs. 

You can maximize the space under your stairs by installing built-in drawers or roll-out carts. These ideas sound good since the space under the stairs is tall and deep. So, if you still have a lot of stuff to keep, most especially when they are big for regular drawers, give the space under the stairs a try. 

Small wooden cabin house in the evening. Exterior design.
The limited space in a tiny house could be very challenging most especially when you are just new to it.

5. Make an Organization Board

Sure enough, you have a lot of clutter with you. Don’t let it build. If you do not have enough space to put your mail and other clutter, try making a DIY organization board instead. 

You can choose whatever design or pattern you wish as long as it serves its purpose. And that is to keep helping you keep your mail and other stuff organized. You can also use this organization board to hang your daily reminders or display your pictures and the pictures of the people you love.

6. Use a Clothes Separator 

Small drawers? Don’t fret about it. Clothes separators can keep your clothes organized and compact even with the small drawers that you have. Clothes separators are not just for undergarments. They are also best for shirts and shorts to help you maximize the space of your drawers. How? Simply roll your clothes and put them in there. 

This is a good option if you have a lot of clothes that you just can’t simply let go. With this, you can store and still use them when needed. 

7. Use Your Door as a Storage 

If you think you have already used all the space that you have, then you are wrong. The spaces in your tiny house are still underutilized. There is still a lot of space you haven’t used, and that includes your doors. 

Yes, your doors serve a purpose too when living in a tiny house. They aren’t just there to keep your tiny house closed and secure. They can also be used to store your things, be it your jewelry, clothes, scarves, and so much more. 

You just have to bring out the creativity in you and a little DIY will do. You can install curtain panels where you can hang your stuff. 

8. Install a Hidden Power Strip

Whether you are living in a mansion or a tiny house, regardless of the space you have, hanging wires are surely not your thing. They don’t look attractive at all. 

Instead of having them hanging around, you can put a power strip inside your bedside drawer where you can charge and hide your electronic devices. 

This also helps you organize your electronics so that you can easily find them all in one place. This is a very sneaky way to keep your wires organized as well. 

9. Make a Storage Under Your Bed

Double purpose beds are things of today. Just like almost any furniture that you have in your tiny house, your bed can be used as storage too. 

Besides, you can store a lot of things underneath your bed given the size of it. Ideally, you can use it to store your clothes so that you can easily access them. Or, you can put your valuable things there. 

Basically, you can put anything in there. If you do not have the budget to make storages fixed underneath your bed, you can use some cheap bookshelves to organize your stuff. 

Off Grid Tiny House on Wheels in Forest Clearing surrounded by Flowers
Living in a tiny house is amazing despite the limited space that it has to offer.

10. Make a DIY Space Rack

If the kitchen is your heaven, then, sure enough, you have a lot of spices and other cooking stuff. This means that you will need a lot of space to store them. 

But since you are living in a tiny house, how will you do it? Well, you just have to figure out how to get the most out of your pantry. This includes using up every ounce of the wall space that you have. 

Since your space is very narrow, you can attire little wire baskets into the wall and store your spices in there. As simple as that, you already have a spice rack.

11. Make a Magnetic Make-Up Organizer 

If you are one of the girls who love makeup so much, then a magnetic makeup organizer is a must-have when you are living in a tiny house. A magnetic makeup organizer saves the drawer and counter space in your bathroom. 

Basically, with just small magnet strips, you can hang almost every beauty supply in there – makeup, make up brushes, blenders, cups, and so much more. That’s how powerful vertical spaces are. 

12. Make a Breakfast Bar

If you do not have enough space for a dining room table, a breakfast bar will do most especially when your tiny house has a window with a good view. A breakfast bar is more space-saving and is actually cheaper. 

Plus, a good view will make things even better. You can relax while eating which is simply the best.

13. Use a Gallery Tray Table

Instead of the traditional living room table, using a gallery tray table is way better due to a lot of reasons. It can be used as a storage and a tray as well which you can use when serving food items. 

These gallery tray tables are movable so you can use them in doing a wide range of household chores. You can use them to organize your magazines, serve food, and you can even eat there. They can easily be moved so in case you need a bigger space, you can simply put them in the corner.


Who says you don’t have a lot of space with your tiny house? Your tiny house has a lot of space to offer. You just have to figure it out and learn to organize it well to maximize everything in there.

Related Questions 

Is it okay to install a bathtub in a tiny house?

Yes, you can install a bathtub in a tiny house. To be more particular, you can install a three-fourths tub. The tub may be tinier but this is definitely a little piece of heaven and luxury in your tiny house bathroom. Besides, installing a bathtub in your tiny house will make it easier to bathe the kids in case you have one. 

What paint color will make my tiny house look wider and better?

Generally speaking, the color white makes a room look brighter, bigger, and better. So, you can paint your tiny house white and accentuate it with some white decors. If you really want to get the most out of it, paint it all white not just to trick the eye but to make it trendier and fresher as well.

What appliances can I have in my tiny house?

You can have a little of everything. You might be living in a tiny house but definitely, you can still have your tv, ref, stove, and oven with you. You just have to learn how to maximize the spaces that you have so that your tiny house will not look overcrowded with all the appliances that you have.

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