Buyer’s Guide: The Top 9 Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

Buyer’s Guide: The Top 9 Best iPhone Filmmaking Lighting

Apple continues to impress everyone with its smartphone innovation. The iPhone 11 Pro Max features a 13mm Ultrawide Angle lens, which many experts refer to as a bona fide film camera. This powerful device is capable of taking high-quality photos and videos. In fact, many professional videographers have been using the latest iPhones to create quality movies. 

Equipped with the best filmmaking lighting kits, you can create cinematic videos, too. If you’re searching for the best iPhone filmmaking lighting kit, then you’re in the right place. 

Sometimes faced with low lighting conditions, you might find that searching for the best low light camcorder be of help for your low light photography shots.

Get these iPhone filmmaking lighting kits

Lighting kits come in handy in several different situations. Whether you’re vlogging, recording a music video, a school project, or a mini-movie, a lighting kit can improve your footage on many levels. So we searched the internet to find the best iPhone filmmaking lighting kits that are genuinely a bang for your buck. 

PULUZ Smartphone Video Rig Kit

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The PULUZ smartphone video rig kit has everything you need. This kit includes a phone rig, a 3.5mm microphone, and an attached studio light. As for the phone rig, it comes with three cold shoe mounts where you can connect your tripod, video lights, and microphone. 

LED Quality:

This video rig kit comes with a two-color filter mini LED light powered by a BP-4L lithium battery or 4 AA batteries. 

Get the PULUZ smartphone video rig kit for any small filming projects. It’s handy, compact, versatile, and does the job perfectly. 


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Give your film a real kick with extra powerful lighting. LUMIMUSE 8 LED light is the brightest and largest LED in the LUMIMUSE range. It’s one of the best iPhone filmmaking lighting kits that can light a myriad of situations. 

LED quality:

The LUMIMUSE 8 LED can produce a color temperature of 5600K and a color rendition index (CRI) of 95%. It features dimmable SMT technology that allows you to regulate the light intensity. The kit also comes with a set of snap-fit filter mount so you can modify the color temperature or diffuse the light. 

LUMIMUSE 8 LED is available in four variants: 3 LED, 6 LED, 8 LED, and 8 LED with Bluetooth. 

Movo Smartphone Video Kit

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If you want a powerhouse video kit, then consider this Movo smartphone video kit. It’s one of the best iPhone filmmaking lighting for YouTube videos, TikTok, travel vlogs, and makeup tutorials. The kit includes a phone rig that can fit all iPhone models. 

It’s easy to use and quick to set up, ideal for on-the-go filming, recording, and vlogging. The bundle also includes a shotgun mic, LED light, a Bluetooth remote, and other accessories (case, windscreen, hard case, extension mount, and smartphone grip). 

LED quality: 

Movo Smartphone Video Kit comes with LED30 technology with 3 brightness settings. 

Movo SmartCine Kit

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Movo SmartCine Kit is your go-to video kit for all your filming needs. The kit includes a smartphone rig, stereo microphone, and bright LED light. 

First, let’s talk about the phone rig: it has an adjustable grip to fit smartphones between 2.2” to 3.8” inches wide (works with all iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel 3). The kit also comes with two lenses: fisheye and wide-angle.

As for the microphone, it can deliver crystal-clear audio directly to your phone. It features an onboard PAD switch and a low-cut filter. There is a windscreen included in the kit to filter the wind noises. 

LED quality: 

It comes with 36 brilliant white LED that delivers 46 lumens of light. It has three output levels for perfect lighting. An internal SmartCine rechargeable battery powers the LED light. 

VILTROX Studio Lights Kit

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Wanting to buy a high-performing lights kit for your mini studio? Get the VILTROX studio lights kit. It is hands-down one of the best iPhone filmmaking lighting kits on the market. 

This kit comes with three bi-color LED video lights with a hot shoe adapter, three power adapter, three power cables, three adjustable light stand, a remote control, and a carrying bag. 

The remote control lets you adjust the light settings effortlessly. It has a smart button to regulate the brightness and color temperature easily. 

LED quality: 

Energy-efficient and dimmable, there’s nothing else we could ask for in this studio lights kit. You can change the color temperature to yellow (3300K) or white (5600K). Modify the brightness from 20% to 100%—the LED features eyecare technology to keep your eyes protected from harsh light. 

Iwata Pro 144 LED

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Iwata Pro 144 LED is the perfect video kit for anyone looking for an easy-to-setup, portable lighting set. It’s handy and quick to use. Each package includes a light diffuser, Type-C charging cable, cold shoe adapter, pergear cleaning cloth, and two protective cases. 

This lighting kit features a smart OLED display that gives you all the information you need at a glance: remain time, color temperature, battery capacity, and brightness. It is powered by a 4600mAh battery for all-day use. When fully charged, you can use it for up to 17 hours. The fast charging feature allows you to use the light while charging. 

LED quality:

The dimmable bi-color LED can be adjusted from 2600 to 6000K. It ensures you get natural and pristine color, ideal for broadcast videos, photography, and studio filmmaking. Use the Turbo Mode to go above 150% of the maximum brightness to give you that extra kick.

Boling BL-P1 RGB Led Video Light

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Another best iPhone filmmaking lighting is the Boling BL-P1 video light. It’s the perfect lighting kit, especially when filming at a small filming location. The Boling BL-P1 features a 360-degree adjustable bracket arm and nine common scenario simulations. 

It has an OLED screen to show your device information, including remain time, color temperature, battery capacity, and brightness level. This lighting is powered by a built-in 2930 that supports quick charge via Qc3.0 intelligent charge.

LED quality: 

Boling BL-P1 offers a wide color temperature range from 2500 to 8500K. It has an intelligent temperature control protection system to prevent your device from heating up. Boling’s LED also provides RGB full color and adjustable brightness. Adjust the color saturation and brightness intensity with ease. 

IVISII Desk Mount LED Video Light Kit

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IVISII video light kit has so much to offer. It’s definitely one of the best iPhone filmmaking lightings for both amateur and professional. This video light kit is lightweight, easy to carry, and very versatile. 

First, it comes with a remote control and multi lights control. You can set one light as the main controller to regulate other lights in the same channel. Included in the kit is an adjustable desk mount, allowing you to mount the light at different angles. 

The 180-degree rotation feature allows you to adjust the angle of the light, helping you create outstanding content. Now let’s talk about the LED performance.

LED quality:

IVISII video light is known for its superbright LED light. It can provide a color temperature of 3000 to 8000KI with a CRI of 96+. Get the right amount of light by adjusting the brightness from 0 to 100%, giving you warm-to-cool tones and super bright luminance. You can check your light settings in the LDC display. 

GVM 2 Pack LED Video Lighting Kits

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We’re ending the list with the amazing GVM 2 lighting kit. It is complete with all the equipment you need to get that perfectly lit video. 

GVM 2 lighting kit has several prominent features: the metal shell and u-shaped frame that give the lights an excellent heat dissipation effect. It comes with an adjustable light board that distributes light softly and evenly. 

This kit includes two LED video lights, two ADC adapters, two bracket-white diffusers, two power cables, two light stands, and a handbag to keep everything in place. 

LED quality: 

GVM2 lighting kit provides super bright light. You can adjust the color temperature between 2300K and 6800K and the brightness from 10% to 100%. 

The best part about this kit is the downloadable app that lets you control your light settings via your iPhone. 


With the right lighting kit, you can create high-quality, cinematic videos using your iPhone. These kits vary in color temperature range, portability, brightness intensity, and versatility. Some need to be heavily setup (i.e., light stands), and others can be used on the go (phone rigs). 

If you have bought any of these lighting kits already, we’d like to know your thoughts on them in the comments below. 

What’s the best iPhone for videography and photography?

All iPhones are designed with superior cameras that outperform many smartphone cameras in the market. Nevertheless, the latest iPhone models have the most improved camera features. The iPhone 11 Pro Max, for example, has ultrawide and telephoto lenses, which older iPhone models do not have.

What’s the best LED light for iPhone?

All of the LED lighting kits listed above work perfectly with any iPhone. The budget-friendly option would be Movo SmartCine Kit. 

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